Sunday, March 9, 2008


Wake up, Sleepyhead! Happy Daylight Savings Time! 

If you haven't set your home clocks ahead yet [battery-powered clocks, TVs, clock radios, wrist watches, car clocks], you may be wandering around out-of-sync today. 

Tomorrow at work, remember to do the same drill with all non-automatic timepieces that need manual adjusting. It also pays to double-check your laptop, desktop, cell phones, PDAs and anything else that is supposed to have been sped-ahead via satellite. 

And just to be safe – rather than an embarrassing hour late –  check your Outlook calendar for appointment adjustments. If you do business with non-DST countries, you are now one hour closer to their time [i.e., UK is now just 4 hours ahead of the U.S., Finland is 6 hours ahead, etc.]. Welcome to my world.

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